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August 09 2013

XKeyscore: Die Entwicklung des DPI-Tools, das sich “zu Grundrechten verhält wie ein Tyrannosaurus Rex auf Ecstasy”

Sean Gallagher erklärt auf Ars Technica die Entwicklung von XKeyscore, seit den Ursprüngen von Carnivore und Narus:

XKeyscore takes the data brought in by the packet capture systems connected to the NSA’s taps and processes it with arrays of Linux machines. The Linux processing nodes can run a collection of “plugin” analysis engines that look for content in captured network sessions; there are specialized plugins for mining packets for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, webmail and chat activity, and the full content of users’ Web browser sessions. For selected traffic, XKeyscore can also generate a full replay of a network session between two Internet addresses.

Weitere Details gibt’s in den gelekaten Folien.

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