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Eleanor Saitta auf der OHM2013: “Unpolitisches Hacken gibt es nicht. Wer unpolitisch ist, hilft dem Feind.”

Eleanor-SaittaDie Hacker-Kultur ist spätestens seit Snowden an einem Scheideweg: Entweder arbeitet man für die freie Entfaltung aller Individuen und nach der Hacker-Ethik – oder man hilft Überwachungsinstitutionen. Diesen Gegensatz macht Eleanor Saitta in einer Keynote-Rede auf dem Hacker-Camp OHM2013 auf. Ihre These: Unpolitisches Hacken gibt es nicht.

Letzte Woche fand das Hacker-Camp OHM2013 in den Niederlanden statt. Im Vorfeld gab es ausführliche Diskussionen über die Sponsor-Firma Fox-IT und ihr Engagement für Überwachungstechnologien. Mehrere Menschen aus der Hacker-Szene, darunter einige vom CCC, boykottierten deswegen das Event. Aber auch vor Ort wurde das Thema keinesfalls vergessen und ignoriert, sondern auf mehrere Arten angegangen. Neben symbolischen Aktionen kam auch die inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung nicht zu kurz.

Das Village Noisy Square verstand sich beispielsweise explizit als Reaktion auf die Diskussionen im Vorfeld und die Position der Organisator/innen. Unter dem Motto Putting the Resistance back in OHM gab es ein eigenes Programm mit Diskussionen und Workshops über Politik und Hacken. Eine der Sprecherinnen war Eleanor Saitta, die schon auf dem 29C3 den viel beachteten Vortrag Long live the protocoletariat! gehalten hat. Eigentlich boykottierte auch sie das Camp, kam dann aber doch zum ranten – und gerantet hat sie.

Von ihrem Vortrag mit der Überschrift “Ethik und Macht im langen Krieg” gibt es einen Audio-Mitschnitt, ein Transkript und eine subjektive Zusammenfassung.

Laut Eleanor Saitta ist ein wichtiges Mittel gegen staatliche Überwachung die Dezentralisierung:

So, decentralization, when you do not have the rule of law as a protective structure, which we don’t, is an incredibly, incredibly critical tool. This means that we need to stop using an internet that is build out of services: APIs are kind counter-revolutionary. It’s over, we need to stop relying on central services, we just can’t do it anymore, it’s impossible to build a free internet that is centralized.

Weiterhin kritisiert sie den Umgangston mancher Hacker/innen und wünscht sich mehr Zusammenarbeit:

Security people, hackers. We also have a problem: we have massive fucking egos and they are getting in the way. I don’t care about your egos. My friend Siena, who is trying to keep her seven year old daughter from getting the shit beaten out of her by Moroccan riot cops does not care about your egos. When I don’t have any tools because I get told “Oh yeah! GPG is totally something that you can totally teach in the field.” Fuck you! Egos don’t matter. If you do a cool thing everybody is gonna go and say “Hey! You did a cool thing. Really awesome! Let’s go and do other cool things together.” There are enough of us that if we work together we can do some pretty amazing shit if we work togeter. If we all dick-wave, we can’t do anything useful. I have been around in the security community for a while and I can do the whole “Oh! Your idea sucks, my idea is better!”, just as well as anyone. It’s not useful. Let’s just try and stop to harass each other instead of having a polite technical conversation like professionals do in the real world. You know, this is a crisis not a career, we don’t have time to play those games anymore.

Ein zentraler Punkt Eleanors ist auch, dass es so etwas wie “unpolitische Hacker/innen” nicht gibt. “Wer unpolitisch ist, hilft dem Feind”:

So, hacker culture is kind of at a crossroads. For a long time it was totally cool that, you know what, I don’t really want to be political, because I just like to reverse code and it’s a lot of fun, and I don’t really have time for politics cause I spend thirteen hours a day looking at Shell code and socialism takes too long. That was great for a while, but we don’t get to be apolitical anymore. Because If you’re doing security work, if you’re doing development work and you are apolitical, then you are aiding the existing centralizing structure. If you’re doing security work and you are apolitical, you are almost certainly working for an organization that exists in a great part to prop up existing companies and existing power structures. Who here has worked for a a security consultancy? Not that many people, ok. I don’t know anybody who has worked for a security consultancy where that consultancy has not done work for someone in the defense industry. There are probably a few, and I guarantee you that those consultancies that have done no work that is defense industry related, have taken an active political position, that we will not touch anything that is remotely fishy. If you’re apolitical, you’re aiding the enemy.

No neutral ground means that we have to have the culture war, that you have to say “you are either with us or against us,”. Not “well, I guess that if democracy happens to occur, I’m not against it, but I’m not…” No… no, we’re done. There is this notion, and it’s talked about in the context of harassment, that you accept what you walk by, your standard is what you walk by. So, if you see somebody kind of putting somebody down, but it is not like it is a big deal, it is not enough to write them up over and you walk by it, well, that’s your standard of what you accept. That is your baseline. If that happens everywhere, then that is totally fine. And it will happen everywhere, because the standard is what you will ignore. The standard is where you will be like: “Oh, I don’t really want to have that fight right now, it’s not such a big deal, I’m just going to go and get a beer.” Yes, that’s your standard for what you’ll accept in the world. So, if you don’t wanna do that, fucking speak up.

This is why I was boycotting. I am still boycotting this event. I was not going to be here, and then I had free day in Amsterdam and DrWhax said: “I’ll give you a stage and you can show up and rant.” So I am here and I am ranting.

Auf dem Eröffnungspanel von Noisy Square kündigte Jurre van Bergen (DrWhax) an, das nächste holländische Hacker-Camp in vier Jahren organisieren zu wollen. Die Auseinandersetzung um die politische Ausrichtung des Camps, der Hacker-Szene und den Umgang mit Sponsoren und Polizei ist anstrengend und mitunter zermürbend, aber notwendig:

This war has real cost. This is not free, it is not easy. It has a cost at many many levels. It has costs within our community. You are talking about maybe running Noisy Square to become OHM next time. To run the Dutch camp in four years. If that happens it will probably split the Dutch scene for real. There will be two camps, and one of them might or might not happen, depending on how the funding goes. That has a real cost, it means that there will be real fights, there will be people who won’t come. There were a lot of people that I wanted to see this year who decided that they really couldn’t come after the behaviour of the organizing comittee. I miss those people, I would have loved to see them here, I would love to have been here the whole time. This has real costs, because it is a real fight. People get hurt. But it matters, we don’t get to say no.

Eleanors Rant endet mit einem Aufruf zum Einmischen:

So if we want to have something that resembles democracy, given that the tactics of power and the tactics of the rich and the technology and the typological structures that we exist within, have made that impossible, then we have to deal with this centralizing function. As with the Internet, so the world. We have to take it all apart. We have to replace these structures. And this isn’t going to happen overnight, this is decades long project. We need to go build something else. We need to go build collective structures for discussion and decision making and governance, which don’t rely on centralized power anymore. If we want to have democracy, and I am not even talking about digital democracy, if we want to have democratic states that are actually meaningfully democratic, that is simply a requirement now.

But we cannot build a free world, on an unfree Internet. You cannot build functionally decentralized Internet-centric democratic structures on an unfree Internet. It is like the CIA trying to build a free democracy on a legacy of treachery and murder. It just doesn’t work.

So yeah, let’s fight.

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